West Virginia Chinese Association (WVCA) is a community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Spring 2002. Since then it has been offering support and service to Chinese scholars, researchers and other professionals and their families in the state of West Virginia. Our mission is to study and appreciate the Chinese culture, to promote scientific and academic research collaborations among Chinese researchers and professionals, and to provide assistance to new immigrants in West Virginia.

We work hard to achieve three main goals:

1. To promote communication among Chinese families in the community.

To serve as a bridge and a gathering place for Chinese families, we organize family-oriented activities throughout the year. Regular major events include a Summer picnic (May/June) with outdoor activities, a Mid-Autumn Festival (September) to celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival, and a Spring Festival (January/February) to celebrate Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. We also host sports, entertainment and family-oriented activities all year round, such as ball games, fishing, Karaoke, cooking, home-improvement clubs, and many more.

2. To facilitate research and education with educational seminars for the Chinese community.

A large number of Chinese professionals in West Virginia are scientists, researchers and professors who work in a variety of research fields. WVCA encourages and promotes exchange of knowledge and ideas among community members. The organization regularly hosts seminars and meetings at West Virginia University with topics in the current fields of medicine, chemistry, biology, engineering, technological advancement, finance, and sociology. These seminars are typically up to two hours in length and offered free of charge. Presentations are given by volunteers with multi-media tools such as PowerPoint presentations and videos.

3. To help newly arrived Chinese families.

As many of us have experienced, foreign or new environments are often challenging and frustrating for new immigrants and visitors and their families. WVCA reaches out and gives newcomers a warm hand. We offer to assist them in all aspects.

The headquarter of WVCA is located in the “Mountaineer Country” Morgantown, a city of 30,000+ residents plus approximately 30,000 WVU students near West Virginia’s northern border. Morgantown is a recreational haven year-round and was once rated the No. 1 livable Small City in America and the Best Small City in the East. Morgantown is within easy traveling distance of Washington, D.C. to the east, Pittsburgh to the north, and is easy to reach from Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Morgantown has the largest Chinese professional/scholar community in the state of West Virginia. Welcome to “Mountaineer Country”!


2017年1月10日,西弗吉尼亚华人协会(简称“西弗华协”)在西弗吉尼亚州北部大学城摩根城正式成立。“西弗华协”是由 西弗吉尼亚华人学者协会、西弗吉尼亚华人教授协会和中国旅美科协西弗吉尼亚分会合并而成, 并包括了西弗吉尼亚其他地区的华人协会。其总部位于摩根城,主要以加强西弗州华裔人士间的交流、传播和发展中华文化、维护华人合法权益和促进中美交流等为宗旨。其成员来自西弗吉尼亚大学、美国能源部能源技术实验室、美国卫生部职业病预防中心,Mylan制药公司, 查尔思敦大学,Marshall大学等单位的学生、博士后,医生,教授,研究员,及其他工作人员和当地华人社区成员。

“西弗华协”由理事会和执行委员会组成。其最高权力机构为理事会大会,包括11名理事;执行委员会由“西弗华协”会长和分管日常事务、科教、外联、查尔斯顿地区(Charleston,WV )和亨廷顿地区(Huntington,WV)的五位副会长组成。在“西弗华协”成立大会暨第一次执行委员会会议上,周昆教授当选为理事会大会主席,张汉霆教授为“西弗华协”会长,丁敏、郑万宏、梁瑞凤、孙小平、刘健等教授分别为负责上述分管领域的副会长,刘志为秘书长。会上表决并通过了“西弗华协”第一届理事会大会和执行委员会的任命,讨论并表决通过了“西弗华协”章程(Bylaws)。与此同时,与会代表们还讨论了“西弗华协”未来的发展方向,科教活动与外联等方面工作的开展。另外,作为中国旅美科协总会(CAST-USA)在西弗的分支机构,西弗华协将行使旅美科协西弗分会(CAST-WV)的职能。

近年来,美国发生多起涉及华人重要权益的事件。 “西弗华协”的成立也将有助于团结所有在西弗州的华人,并与美国华人全国委员会(UCA)一道,为更好地争取在美华人的合法权益发出统一的声音。

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